Wednesday, August 10, 2011

seven wants

because my want list is overwhelming, i decided to use my pinterest boards to help me consolidate. here are seven of my 'wants' all courtesy of my pin's:

a new tattoo

to cover our patio.

to hang this swing from our covered patio.

to accomplish this


this outfit

for this relentless texas summer to lighten up on the extreme heat already...please, and thank you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

eight fears

well...this is a hard one. eight fears....a few quickly come to mind, but EIGHT...i'm not sure if i can think of eight. i'll give it a try, but no promises....i'm pretty fearless.(haha)

1)ants. seriously. can't even post a pic.

2)not being able to carry one of my own.

picture via

3)being trapped underwater.

4)plane crashes.

5)something happening to my animals/house while i am away.

...and that's all i got. :)
what about you?