Wednesday, March 30, 2011

she grows big babies.

evidently my sweet sister grows big babies. although she is six weeks from delivery a recent doctor's appointment revealed that she is definitely measuring ahead of schedule. her first born was 9.8 lbs at delivery, and if he is any indication of the kind of offspring the bonner's produce, this new baby will not only be big, but cute, and funny, and super smart as well. she has joked throughout this pregnancy that 'crosby' (baby -in- womb) craves pancakes. during the first half of her pregnancy she ate lots of them, so when cort's best friend, marcy and I started talking about hosting a baby shower for her we decided that a brunch of pancakes and fixin's would be just perfect. the menu included fruit salad, muffins, bacon, petit fours, and of course pancakes with all the fixin's (choc. chips, blueberries, whipped cream, strawberries, and syrup).

cort's closet friends showed and gifted her with lots of diapers and a few fun 'mom' treats! i hope she enjoyed it! ~you certainly can't tell by looking at her that she grows big babies...isn't she pretty!?!~

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


remember when playing inside boxes was the most. fun. ever! i hope i remember to remind my future kids to cherish those moments.

i am also reminding myself that sometimes happiness is found in the most unexpected places.

-this picture is of my cousin kami and nephew ben loving life inside a box.-

(i wonder if zach would think i was crazy if i came home with an 'adult size' box of my own to play in!)


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today i feel defeated. i've been working towards something for weeks now, unadmittedly allowing myself to count on it, and then today, when it doesn't happen as i wanted (needed) it to, i am deflated. my mind's voice keeps telling me that it will all work out, that all my work wasn't for nothing, but at this moment i sure don't believe what i am telling myself.

Monday, March 21, 2011

right here, right now

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at this moment,
i am enjoying the quite,
i am grateful for the ache in my quadriceps,
i am loving letting the dogs out without a jacket,
i am worried about money,
i am looking forward to trying a new yoga studio,
i am turning 27 is 2 days,
i am listening to the soft pur of a cat by my side,
i am longing for a day in the sun,
i am hoping for restful sleep,
i am comfortable in my own skin,
i am content,
i am loved,
i am happy.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i'm not a "soaker"...

i don't care for baths. i'm more of a shower girl. i have no patience when it comes to taking a bath. to be honest i can't remember the last time i soaked in a tub. i hear people talk about relaxing in bubbles with a good book and glass of wine, and i am intrigued and envious. the thought seems so appealing in my head but the actual action seems so uneasy to me. i'm odd, i know.
while browsing through etsy the other day i came across this item which again made me wish i was a bath tub "soaker".

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*and the fact that this etsy seller (pegandawl) creates their products with reclaimed wood makes it even more appealing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

whew...we survived

this past weekend was spent celebrating the traditional "last single weekend" of one of my best friends, of whom i have mentioned before. the city of dallas holds an annual st. patrick's day parade, as many others do, which entails masses and masses of people gathering on a strip of street, beers in hand and clothed in green, to watch and cheer on a parade of home made "floats" as they pass by. well, the previously mentioned bride happens to love this little dallas celebration which prompted us to plan her bachlorette party around it. although the parade is held within a few hours of a saturday afternoon, we felt the need to make a weekend get-a-way out of it. we took a stay-cation and crammed lots of girls in a great, little, rented condo. we laughed lots, drank lots, laughed lots more and made sure the bride knew how excited we were for her.
i started a 'tradition' as a bridesmaid in another wedding last year where in i made a little scrapbook for the bride-to-be. i made up a list of questions about the bride and the couple and asked all of the wedding party to respond them. it turned out to be a very sweet and funny compilation of our thoughts of, and wishes for, our friend.

after i got the pictures and quotes put together in her scrapbook i asked zach why i never did anything like this for us and our memories (as if he was supposed to know). as i have said before, i am definitely not the most creative person in the world, but once i finally decide to create something i am usually a perfectionist enough to ensure that it looks decent. i do take more pride and joy from doing things for others, but i have decided that i need to take the time to create things for our memories. heck, our wedding and honeymoon pictures deserve a little more than an kodak envelope, don't you think?
i think the bride liked the final product...

Monday, March 7, 2011

wedding festivities

in a few weeks one of my best friends is saying "i do" and becoming a married woman. we have spent the past few months celebrating her and her upcoming nuptials. us bridesmaids hosted a shower at my house. at the brides request we carried out an "alice in wonderland" theme, complete with yummy snacks, decorative cupcakes and long island iced teas. we found most of our inspiration through lots of blog scooping and etsy shopping. here are a few of the pictures:

~the bride to be~

i just love weddings. i seem to be in the middle of that time in life when weddings are occurring in high frequency. all of this celebrating is lots of fun, in fact, i think we should all renew our vows every five years or so to keep the party going! :)