Sunday, May 12, 2013

my momma always told me

my momma always told me:
"you'll understand when you have kids"
she always told me that she loved me, she showed me that she was there to support me regardless, she provided me an open and safe home, and gave me her friendship.
today and everyday i am thankful for my momma.
happy mother's day to you mom, and all those mommas out there that spend all of their days providing for their babies.

four generations

Saturday, May 4, 2013


someone recently asked me what the best part of being a mom was.

a great and impossible question.

my immediate answer was simple and in no way efficiently explained the best part of being a mom.

i have been thinking of that question since.

becoming a mother completely changed my life. as i'm sure all other mothers can attest once your child is born everything changes. for me it wasn't a dramatic, immediate burst that i had always assumed it would be, it was simply an instantaneous and subtle shift into a new existence. everything was just different. my thoughts, my concerns, my actions, my feelings, my everything.
her dependence on me consumes all that i am, and i love it. being her mother is now what defines me. it is who i am, what i do, and it is the most difficult and wonderful existence.

so, to answer the impossible question, the best part of being a mom is having her in my life. she makes everything infinitely better