Thursday, September 30, 2010


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i love lists. well, to be honest i'm not sure if i love them exactly, it is more so that i find them utterly necessary in my life. at the end of each work day re-write my day's list eliminating the items i have accomplished/checked off and adding ones that need to be accomplished the next day. the only problem with my little system is that my list never ends. there has never been a time where i have looked at my little note pad and seen all my items checked off. it is almost as if when i see myself getting close to accomplishing the 'complete check off' i search for more to-do's to write down. yes, i may have a problem.
on the personal life side of things i make many little lists. my house is scattered with them. i am sad to admit that there have been many a friday nights where i have said something along the lines of "okay babe, what all do we want to get done this weekend?", while holding a pen and paper in my hands, as if we would do absolutely nothing if i didn't write out a 'plan' first... again, i may have a problem.
none the less, it is what i do.
i just recently made a little list of things i want to get done in the near future (to be honest the heading is 'october')here it is:
*update all framed pictures in the house
*change my workout schedule to primarily before work instead of after
*host a girls dinner party
*find new side tables for either side of our bed
*finally start organizing wedding mementos into a book (it's only been 2 years)
*find and finish a good new book (sadly i haven't been reading lately)
*create a good halloween costume (instead of throwing something together at the last minute)
*add decor to the guest room
*go kayaking at the lake
*ride outside in the fall weather!
*cook a roast
*dig up our wilted garden

does anyone else rely on lists like me?
i sure hope so.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

lets celebrate!

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moment should be a celebration, don't you think?
in just a few moments i am going to begin my weekend of celebration! you see i have lots to celebrate:

my birthday. well, really it is more like my 1/2 birthday, which i usually do not celebrate, but back in march (on my real birthday) the husband presented me with concert tickets for september 23rd, so tonight he and i are going to lay/sit/jump around on a lawn and watch the kings of leon perform!. i can't wait!

our 2nd wedding anniversary. well, there is a catch here too. our actual anniversary is october 4th, but due to the previously mentioned concert, we decided to take friday off of work and celebrate our anniversary a week early!

the state fair of texas. worthy of lots of celebrating, the great state fair begins this weekend. we are planning to go and eat fried food, drink cold beer, and walk around until our legs give out.

oh, and of course fall. today was the first full day of fall, which i say is cause for celebration! fall marks the start of cooler weather, football sundays, pretty color changes and cute cardigans...all of which i am extremely fond of.

i hope everyone else out there will take some time to celebrate too!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tid bits

i thought tonight i would share a few tid bits of the goings around here lately.

*i participated in a outdoor yoga class (cleverly called: "downdog & drinks") which helped raise money for two beautiful and brave women who are walking in the susan g. komen 3-day for the cure.

*i saw (what i think) was my 12th dave matthews band show. crazy. and it was still as good as it was the very first time.

*my sweet husband surprised me with a new yoga mat, i then convinced myself that having a pretty new mat justified purchasing myself a pretty new yoga outfit...oopps.

*i also tried out another new studio which i am very fond of, and supported a yogi who just became certified by attending her awesome class.

*i rearranged and reorganized my sparsely visited upstairs.

*i laughed lots with the husband, sister, brother-in-law, parents, and friends.

*i have decided that our dining room is in need of a fresh coat (or two) of paint in a fresh new color.

*i replaced the American flag that hangs outside our house with a proud Texas flag for a change of scenery.

*i watched my beloved cowboys play an awful game, then got mad.

*i ordered 2 amazing furniture books i have been eyeing for the business

*i listened to lots of welcomed rain fall

Thursday, September 9, 2010

bed bliss

the husband and i have lived together for approximately 4.5 years now. for the past 4.5 years we have also shared a full size bed. our first home together was a small duplex, where the full sized bed fit myself, zachary and stevie (our tiny cat)perfectly. then we moved onto a cute little rent house where zach surprised me with a cute little lab, who in turn became a BIG spoiled lab that felt it necessary to sleep in bed, next to me, every night. and then we bought our first home. we kept noticing how small our full sized bed looked in our new big bedroom. within the first few months after moving we rescued our second dog. while she is not quite as big as our first she still made her presence felt when she squeezed herself onto our little bed every night. so, there we were one big happy family (zach, myself, both dogs, and one of the two cats we have)sharing a full sized bed. when i say we were a "happy" family i mean we thought we were happy. it wasn't until this week that we discovered how ignorantly happy we had really been. sunday afternoon we picked up a KING SIZED BED we purchased from some friends who were moving out of state, and oh. my. goodness. not only does the new bed look huge, it is huge! on our first night spent in this king bed we cheerfully called up the two dogs and all sprawled out. we were absolutely blissful. this may not seem like a big deal to most but let me tell you in our house it has made all the difference in the world!

our bed mates:

i know, i know... our dogs are too spoiled...but look at them.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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i heart yoga. it seems as though i am certainly not the only one who appreciates this practice, as yoga has becoming ever so popular these days, and i am by far no expert on the teaching nor practices, however, i am a participant who thouroughly enjoys the challenge and movement yoga provides my body. i have been attending classes regularly for a year or more now. the class i most often attend is lead by a teacher i have grown particularly fond of and comfortable with. recently she left to travel and study in india for a few months which has led to numerous other teachers leading her class. although i miss the familiarity of her teachings these past few weeks have definately broadened my yoga horizons, if you will. last night one of my favorite people took me to visit one of her favorite studios for the first time. this was the second 'new' studio she has introduced me to and i certainly hope it was not the last. it amazes me how each new class challanges me in such different ways. we left last night wondering why everyone doesn't practice yoga. it is such a calming and cleansing exercise.
needless to say these past few weeks have affirmed that i want to continue to try new places, new classes, new positions and new practices. the strength and solidity my whole body feels after a yoga class is unmatched, and while i am very comfortable with my current physical routine, i hope to continue to branch out and challenge myself.
ill keep you posted...