Thursday, September 23, 2010

lets celebrate!

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moment should be a celebration, don't you think?
in just a few moments i am going to begin my weekend of celebration! you see i have lots to celebrate:

my birthday. well, really it is more like my 1/2 birthday, which i usually do not celebrate, but back in march (on my real birthday) the husband presented me with concert tickets for september 23rd, so tonight he and i are going to lay/sit/jump around on a lawn and watch the kings of leon perform!. i can't wait!

our 2nd wedding anniversary. well, there is a catch here too. our actual anniversary is october 4th, but due to the previously mentioned concert, we decided to take friday off of work and celebrate our anniversary a week early!

the state fair of texas. worthy of lots of celebrating, the great state fair begins this weekend. we are planning to go and eat fried food, drink cold beer, and walk around until our legs give out.

oh, and of course fall. today was the first full day of fall, which i say is cause for celebration! fall marks the start of cooler weather, football sundays, pretty color changes and cute cardigans...all of which i am extremely fond of.

i hope everyone else out there will take some time to celebrate too!


  1. here's to you... and zach! =) have fun you little lovebirds.

  2. have fun! hope you got to see some of the black keys set before kings of leon. love you guyses!

  3. Your wedding pic above is GORGEOUS!

    Kings of Leon is the BEST live :-)