Monday, February 28, 2011

wish list

it seems that i have a slight obsession with chairs lately. if i had the amount of rooms necessary to house these occasional chairs i think i would open up a new credit card just to buy them.
here are a few which refuse to leave my mind:
the louis xv french arm chair

or this beautiful cained version

pictures via
i also like the idea of upholstering them with a bold patterned fabric

pictures via
the rounded, straight legged louis xvi chairs are a little less formal (in my opinion) and equally as beautiful

i could see them nestled around my dining room table

pictures via
this modern 'ghost' version is pretty cool too

picture via
i am also in love with the george iii faux bamboo chair

picture via
and, of course all of these lovely chairs would have to receive the one of a kind finish only Martin Painting Corporation could provide.
you see, i am obsessed.

Friday, February 25, 2011


if you don't know already, i don't seek out change. i am definitely a creature of habit, establishing routines where ever i can. today one of my routines changed slightly. for a while now i have been fortunate enough to workout with a personal trainer (thanks again to the mom and pop). if you have read my blog before you know that i enjoy physical activity, i always have. although i enjoy myself while being active i am usually in need of direction/instruction. for example, i am not the type of person who can happily go for an hour run using my ipod and wandering thoughts to provide motivation. i wish i was, but i am not. so each tuesday and friday morning i truck myself up to the gym to be instructed by romina, our trainer. over the months she became more that an instructor. she provided the insight and knowledge i lacked regarding my body, my physical strengths and weakness, and pushed me to better my overall health. i could have never learned as much on my own. this morning was a little different. fortunately i still headed to the gym for my regular training session, only this time romina wasn't there to greet me. she has left to pursue other things, of which i'm sure she will have great success. i have a new trainer now, and i'm confident all will go well with her, but as i said before dealing with change is not my forte. romina's training and passion for training will be missed. her friendship will too. (although i do plan to pursue upcoming coffee or lunch dates with her)
this is us on new year's eve:

on another note, there is a different change taking place which i am very fond of. it's getting warmer around here, winter is fleeting and new green growth is spreading wildly. i love this time of year, as spring approaches. highs in the low 70's and lows in the 60's make for beautiful days. i hope to play out in the sunshine as often as possible for the next month or so, or at least until the true texas heat kicks in!

photo taken by my talented friend shanna

30 days of blogging: day 15, 16, 17, & 18...

blog challenge: day 15 - put your ipod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play
(1) digital ~ by: slightly stoopid
(2) freeze time ~ by: 311
(3) takin it to the streets ~ by: the doobie brothers
(4) love will keep us alive ~ by: the eagles
(5) still water ~ by: dave matthews & tim reynolds
(6) homebrew ~ by: 311
(7) ten cent pistol ~ by: the black keys
(8) rusty cage ~ by: johnny cash
(9) two step ~ by: the dave matthews band
(10) best of me ~ by: ryan bingham

blog challenge: day 16 - a picture of yourself

i am not all that fond of having my picture taken, nor am i too fond of of the particular picture i just posted, however it does bring back wonderful memories of walking and laughing through the streets of new york city.

blog challenge: day 17 - someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
i am going to be a bit generic here if you don't mind. i can't seem to come up with a specific person i would want to switch lives with, partly because i am pretty content and happy with living my own life, and partly because i don't want whoever i chose to switch with moseying around, living as me. :)
however, if for one day i could suddenly stop having to worry about money i would be elated. in my professional life i am constantly working with money, collecting it as it comes in, distributing it, deciding where and when it should be spent and worrying about when the next payment will be delivered. in my personal life i am always worried about money because, to be frank, the economy sucks, things are expensive, and saving is hard. so if for one day i could "switch" to become someone who has all of the money that myself and my company could ever need or want i would most defeinately do so.

blog challenge: day 18 - plans/dreams/goals you have
*see blog challenge: day 11 & 8*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dancing in the streets

blog challenge: day 11 - write a bucket list of things you want to do before you die
in all honesty i have never seriously thought about my "bucket list". once i read the day 11 challenge, however, my list quickly appeared:
road trip along california's pacific coast highway. it seems the older i get the more drawn to california i become. i always shrugged off the idea of traveling to the west coast state because "it is too expensive", but let's be real new york city is no cheap vacation and i have managed to visit the big apple numerous times. my ideal california pch roadtrip would certainly include stops at big sur, the giant red woods, santa barbara, and san francisco to name a few.
become certified in vinyasa yoga. i'm not sure that i would ever teach, necessarily, but i would like to achieve a certification.
cycle (and complete) in the 100mile "hotter than hell". i will do it.
become a part of a non-profit organization i am passionate about. at the current time i am not clear on which specific organization (or area) i would want to support and actively participate with, but i know it is something that i want to become a part of my life.
learn how to successfully partner dance. i want to learn the classics/basics and be comfortable enough to get out on the floor with z, any time we please.
become a mother.
get another bachlor's degree. i received a bachlor degree in psychology, and although i chose that degree plan (eventually) because the required classes interested me, i would like to go back to school to achieve a degree in interior design. (i need to get started with this one)
-thats all the items that rolled off my fingertips...i'm sure if i took a bit more time i could come up with a few more...but this is a good start.

blog challenge: day 12 - write a poem to someone you love
my creativity has stage fright. ideas and thoughts have to mull around in my head for days before i ever create. that being said, i will share with you something i have previously written to someone i love:
there is no sight like a mexican wave breaking,
or a colorado showflake falling
there is no sight like new york city churning,
or the new jersey leaves turning
there is no noise louder than the mavs fans winning,
or the crazy aggie's chanting,
the is no sound softer than a peaceful arkansas morning,
or a quite lakehouse evening
there is no feeling better than waking up next to you,
or falling asleep in your arms
there is no comfort stronger than my hand in yours,
or your hand in mine
it doesn't matter where i am
or what i am doing
all that matters is that when i am with you
my life is amazing.

*i am no poet, that's for sure.* this was given to my boyfriend (now husband) framed alongside all of the little memorabilia i had kept from all the places we had traveled and sights we had seen together.

blog challenge: day 13 - your 5 favorite books
still alice - by: lisa cenova
the shack - by: wm. paul young
the secret life of bees - by: sue monk kidd
love the one you're with - by: emily griffin
eat, pray, love - by: elizabeth gilbert

blog challenge: day 14 - a picture of you and your family

*it is pretty sad that the last family picture was from my wedding, over two years ago....come on family, we need more pics!*

Monday, February 21, 2011

no "real" excuse

so i have been pretty absent around the blog world lately. sadly, i haven't even been reading my normal daily blog dose either. not sure the true explanation, and there is no "real" excuse, but let me share with you some of my hesitations(issues) when it comes to blogging, in hopes that someone out there shares my quandary.
*i put to much pressure on myself/my blog*
when i started this little blog i was full of excitement with the intention to casually write all the little going-ons and thoughts running through my head. i really didn't have to many expectations. if one person read or was slightly entertained by my babblings my goal would be met. as time went on, however, i found myself expecting certain things from my blogging self. i started feeling guilty for skipping days between posts, and as those days past i found it harder and harder to write. it is as if i feel the need to explain my absence, justify it to my wonderful 20 followers, instead of continuing my normal posting.
anyways, i had a wonderful conversation with a new fellow blogger the other day and explained my situation. she provided a sweet comment about enjoying my blog and writing, and instead of heeding the positivity i turned to my negative thoughts regarding this little writing adventure. 'i don't write enough', 'my writing isn't any good or interesting'...yeah i know...throwing out the poor pitiful me. after further conversing she helped me realize that i shouldn't place such harsh expectations on myself and my writing. i need to remember why i started this blog and the casual nature of my intentions.

so, no excuses, i have been absent around here lately but i have lots on my mind that i look forward to sharing. :)

happy blogging, and many thanks to those of you who read my writing!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

catching up

so, i have been out of commission for a bit, but am happy to say that i am feeling better each day. the blog and the 30 day blog challenge has been neglected, so i thought i would play a little catch up. by the way, i am once again confined to my house due to icy road conditions...i am bored out of my mind, and longing for warm, sunny skies.

day 8 - short term goals for this month and why
~hang the beautiful plates we received for christmas in my dining room. christmas was a while back, it's time.
~create a little something to share with family and friends for valentines day, mainly because it is a day to remind the important people in your life that you love them, but also because i have an overwhelming urge to make something.
~re-establish my normal and needed workout routine. extenuating circumstances, i.e. weather and health have been holding me back.
~take action in planning our summer vacation, because doing so will give us something fun to look forward to.
~clean out my closet. i need to clear out old/worn out spring/summer clothes, to make room for new purchases...i mean to gather things for a spring garage sale.
~enjoy the sun...whenever it decides to reappear

day 9 - something you are proud of in the past few days.
*my marriage*

day 10 - songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
I am going to change this one up a bit, sorry. there aren't any particular songs that correlate with my particular moods, per say, but here are a few of my "go to songs" for any occasion.

dave mathews band - you & me

ben harper - gold to me

stoney larue - one chord song

the doobie brothers - black water

brandon rhyder - let the good times roll

wade bowen - who i am

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Design Guide

I am very proud to say that we, Barry A. Martin Painting Contractors, are now partners with, and featured on, the Design Guide. The Design Guide is an online and printed publication of all things design. It is a wonderful resource for designers and homeowners alike. Check it out!

a long, long weekend

picture via

this past weekend was an extraordinarily long and difficult one.
i was reminded that some things in life are beyond my control.
i was also reminded of how very lucky i am to have zachary, my loving family, and wonderful friends.
*i hope to embrace all that is to come with open arms and a smile.*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

he makes lovin easy

day 6 - skip :)

day 7- a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

he showed me that love isn't hard, or complicated, or confusing. it is simple and it is true.
he stood by, and gave me room to become who i am.
he encourages me to challenge myself.
he created a home with me.
he has been a part of my most important days.
he has impacted my life in the biggest and best possible way.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

it's cold out there!

it's a snow-day!! a dallas snowday usually entails more ice than snow but, either way we are off work and locked in our warm and cozy house. i made it to the gym this morning, but barely made it back home on the icy roads at 7:00 am, and it certainly hasn't melted any since then. temps are in the teens and the windchill is in the single digits. i wore a short dress and ugg boots on sunday....crazy texas weather!
anyway, i am glad i am locked up today because it was impossible for me to keep my eyes open when i got home from the gym which wouldn't have been a good thing if i had been driving to work, and i also have the chance to catch up on my blog challenge, which i missed yesterday, oops.

day 4- a habit that you wish you didn’t have
i sure wish i could stop biting my nails. i know this is a generic 'bad habit' but it is so frustrating that i can go months without biting my nails, then one day something possesses me to bite one, which leads to me biting them all, for months, before i "stop" biting them again. this roller coaster of nail biting has been happening all my life. why can't i just stop for good? day.

day 5- a picture of somewhere you've been

-an abandoned sugar cane plantation on the island of st. kitts-

-a beautiful sunset, st. kitts

zach and i traveled to the small island of st. kitts for our honeymoon. it was beautiful. we were able to sail in the ocean, drive 4-wheelers through the rain forest, sit on the beautiful beach and lounge on sea breeze balconies. if i shut my eyes right now i'm right back there, sipping a daiquiri.