Monday, February 21, 2011

no "real" excuse

so i have been pretty absent around the blog world lately. sadly, i haven't even been reading my normal daily blog dose either. not sure the true explanation, and there is no "real" excuse, but let me share with you some of my hesitations(issues) when it comes to blogging, in hopes that someone out there shares my quandary.
*i put to much pressure on myself/my blog*
when i started this little blog i was full of excitement with the intention to casually write all the little going-ons and thoughts running through my head. i really didn't have to many expectations. if one person read or was slightly entertained by my babblings my goal would be met. as time went on, however, i found myself expecting certain things from my blogging self. i started feeling guilty for skipping days between posts, and as those days past i found it harder and harder to write. it is as if i feel the need to explain my absence, justify it to my wonderful 20 followers, instead of continuing my normal posting.
anyways, i had a wonderful conversation with a new fellow blogger the other day and explained my situation. she provided a sweet comment about enjoying my blog and writing, and instead of heeding the positivity i turned to my negative thoughts regarding this little writing adventure. 'i don't write enough', 'my writing isn't any good or interesting'...yeah i know...throwing out the poor pitiful me. after further conversing she helped me realize that i shouldn't place such harsh expectations on myself and my writing. i need to remember why i started this blog and the casual nature of my intentions.

so, no excuses, i have been absent around here lately but i have lots on my mind that i look forward to sharing. :)

happy blogging, and many thanks to those of you who read my writing!!


  1. i always check your blog. i know what you mean about having to "upkeep" the blog and feeling that sometimes you have nothing of interest to post about, this is when i expand and take my inspiration from other bloggers and interpret it onto mine. i have also found it really fun to "interact" with the readers, asking them questions and reading their responses...

    anyhoo, i love your little blog and check it always to see whats new with you.

    i love you, chels!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I find myself feeling so pressured to write, and that pressure takes all of the fun out of it. It's important to step back and remember just why we started it. For fun!!
    I love reading your blog, and do check for updates, but no one judges if you take days/weeks/even months between posts. It's completely understandable when we all have these hectic lives!

  3. Girl I totally understand how you feel. I feel bad when I don't blog either.

    I get nervous that people find my ramblings boring or lame!!!

    I have to remember that I am doing this for me.