Friday, February 25, 2011

30 days of blogging: day 15, 16, 17, & 18...

blog challenge: day 15 - put your ipod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play
(1) digital ~ by: slightly stoopid
(2) freeze time ~ by: 311
(3) takin it to the streets ~ by: the doobie brothers
(4) love will keep us alive ~ by: the eagles
(5) still water ~ by: dave matthews & tim reynolds
(6) homebrew ~ by: 311
(7) ten cent pistol ~ by: the black keys
(8) rusty cage ~ by: johnny cash
(9) two step ~ by: the dave matthews band
(10) best of me ~ by: ryan bingham

blog challenge: day 16 - a picture of yourself

i am not all that fond of having my picture taken, nor am i too fond of of the particular picture i just posted, however it does bring back wonderful memories of walking and laughing through the streets of new york city.

blog challenge: day 17 - someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
i am going to be a bit generic here if you don't mind. i can't seem to come up with a specific person i would want to switch lives with, partly because i am pretty content and happy with living my own life, and partly because i don't want whoever i chose to switch with moseying around, living as me. :)
however, if for one day i could suddenly stop having to worry about money i would be elated. in my professional life i am constantly working with money, collecting it as it comes in, distributing it, deciding where and when it should be spent and worrying about when the next payment will be delivered. in my personal life i am always worried about money because, to be frank, the economy sucks, things are expensive, and saving is hard. so if for one day i could "switch" to become someone who has all of the money that myself and my company could ever need or want i would most defeinately do so.

blog challenge: day 18 - plans/dreams/goals you have
*see blog challenge: day 11 & 8*


  1. oh i know what you mean! sometimes i imagine having a million dollars and what i would do (i wrote a post about it actually!) and just not having to think about spending too much or paying for all the things we do in life. good thought, and good post!

  2. awww, missing you!!!! cute pic :)


  3. 311 and johnny cash? awesome! :) and i am right there with you on the money thing. i don't need to be rich, i would just love to not worry about getting each bill paid every month. that would be just perfect!

  4. I can't imagine never worrying about money. Oh, the other things I could think about if I weren't thinking about money! I'd also like to exchange with someone who is a mama for a day since I haven't had a baby yet and am fascinated to know what it would feel like to have one. Or to be someone who feels like I look great in anything I wear. I often fantasize about going to try on clothes without ever thinking about what looks good on my body!