Friday, February 25, 2011


if you don't know already, i don't seek out change. i am definitely a creature of habit, establishing routines where ever i can. today one of my routines changed slightly. for a while now i have been fortunate enough to workout with a personal trainer (thanks again to the mom and pop). if you have read my blog before you know that i enjoy physical activity, i always have. although i enjoy myself while being active i am usually in need of direction/instruction. for example, i am not the type of person who can happily go for an hour run using my ipod and wandering thoughts to provide motivation. i wish i was, but i am not. so each tuesday and friday morning i truck myself up to the gym to be instructed by romina, our trainer. over the months she became more that an instructor. she provided the insight and knowledge i lacked regarding my body, my physical strengths and weakness, and pushed me to better my overall health. i could have never learned as much on my own. this morning was a little different. fortunately i still headed to the gym for my regular training session, only this time romina wasn't there to greet me. she has left to pursue other things, of which i'm sure she will have great success. i have a new trainer now, and i'm confident all will go well with her, but as i said before dealing with change is not my forte. romina's training and passion for training will be missed. her friendship will too. (although i do plan to pursue upcoming coffee or lunch dates with her)
this is us on new year's eve:

on another note, there is a different change taking place which i am very fond of. it's getting warmer around here, winter is fleeting and new green growth is spreading wildly. i love this time of year, as spring approaches. highs in the low 70's and lows in the 60's make for beautiful days. i hope to play out in the sunshine as often as possible for the next month or so, or at least until the true texas heat kicks in!

photo taken by my talented friend shanna


  1. aww, you guys are unbelievable! Coffee or lunch dates, yeay!!!! Count me in for the baby shower as well, whenever that is! You guys know you have become more than just clients as well and I will always have an ear for you or a word, lol!

  2. I am not a huge fan of change either!! Hang in there ;)