Wednesday, February 9, 2011

catching up

so, i have been out of commission for a bit, but am happy to say that i am feeling better each day. the blog and the 30 day blog challenge has been neglected, so i thought i would play a little catch up. by the way, i am once again confined to my house due to icy road conditions...i am bored out of my mind, and longing for warm, sunny skies.

day 8 - short term goals for this month and why
~hang the beautiful plates we received for christmas in my dining room. christmas was a while back, it's time.
~create a little something to share with family and friends for valentines day, mainly because it is a day to remind the important people in your life that you love them, but also because i have an overwhelming urge to make something.
~re-establish my normal and needed workout routine. extenuating circumstances, i.e. weather and health have been holding me back.
~take action in planning our summer vacation, because doing so will give us something fun to look forward to.
~clean out my closet. i need to clear out old/worn out spring/summer clothes, to make room for new purchases...i mean to gather things for a spring garage sale.
~enjoy the sun...whenever it decides to reappear

day 9 - something you are proud of in the past few days.
*my marriage*

day 10 - songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
I am going to change this one up a bit, sorry. there aren't any particular songs that correlate with my particular moods, per say, but here are a few of my "go to songs" for any occasion.

dave mathews band - you & me

ben harper - gold to me

stoney larue - one chord song

the doobie brothers - black water

brandon rhyder - let the good times roll

wade bowen - who i am

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