Friday, July 30, 2010

samples, samples, samples

in our business we create samples, many, many samples. (by we i mean the talented and experienced painters, namely my father and grandfather, that work for our company, not me.) after many years of accumulation it was decided that hanging these samples on the walls would be the best way to preserve and display them. They began covering the walls in one small room, and over the years have covered more walls, even creating free standing walls and additional rooms to accommodate the masses. last weekend i began the task of labeling each of the samples along with their corresponding wall space. in my head this task was going to be quick and easy, however in reality it is long and tedious. that being said i have to admit that i have thoroughly enjoyed this little project. i am only about 1/8th of the way finished (so my tune may change over time), but taking a minute to look at each of these 'pieces of art' has been so interesting. a select few have been written on indicating the year and job they were created for, and with a little help from my dad and grandfather i can get a great narrative to boot.

it truly amazes me what these men can do with a paintbrush...for example:

they can make standard oak look like knotted pine

or sheets of marble

they make headboards look as if they were made with bamboo

and ceilings look as if they were covered with glass


Monday, July 26, 2010

We Have Keys!

Over the weekend we received a very exciting post card with 3 keys attached. In less than two weeks the hubby and I are off to New York City to cat/apartment sit for some extended friends of the family. We will be staying a week, pretending to be residents in one of the greatest citys in the world. I can not wait! Zach and I have a history in the city. He asked me to be his wife there, we have countless great memories there, and are very grateful to the people who have offered their home to us.
A FEW of the things I am most looking forward to:
1. a picnic in central park
2. drinking wine on the rooftop
3. perusing flea markets
4. people watching in Bryant Park
5. having dinner at Lupa
6. exploring Brooklyn
7. eating at Katz's Deli
8. spending afternoons in the East River Park
9. and playing with two cute kitties

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my monday - friday

Here are a few little things that make me happy during my work week:

the fresh flowers dad brings into my office from our courtyard

my mid-morning caffine fix

finding sweet notes, secretly stashed by my hubby

my kick-a** color calander

the yummy fresh fruit my grandpa brings in

when my office supply drawer looks like this

and all the cool projects going on in the these mini chairs!


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Towards the end of a recent and intense spin class my instructor yelled out, "Smile, you all have limbs that work". So while my legs ached and sweat poured off of me, I smiled. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this request since class. Spin is one of the 5 classes at our gym that I attend weekly, and one of the 5 classes I continually fight myself to show up to, let alone get through. But, upon an instructor's request I began thinking of how much I take for granted. I do have legs and arms that work. I should use them as often as I can, and be appreciative of their abilities. There are endless extensions of this thought process, much of which continues to stream through my mind. I have a voice, I have shoes on my feet, I have freedom, I have a home and food to eat. I assume, or at least hope, that all of us are guilty of taking these such things for granted. Maybe we should all try to take some time to remind each other of how fortunate we are.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Lordy - what a weekend...
Friday afternoon I packed up my car with three girls and lots of dresses. We traveled to Shreveport, LA for a weekend of celebrating one of our besties last few days as an unmarried woman. It was definitely a trip to remember - or not. We danced, sang, laughed, ate, and drank our weight in alcohol. Although we had an amazing time together I sure don't want to do it again any time soon. I think I am still recovering.
On another note I have been strongly considering getting another tattoo. I have the desire, but no idea what I want to get or where. So since they are permanent and all I guess I will be spending a little more time thinking about it. This picture by ania maria caught my eye on Simply Hue.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


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October 4, 2008, my wedding day, was the last time I saw one of my best friends before she moved across the ocean to live in Israel for what started out as being a 6 month -ish jaunt to see her family, learn Hebrew and explore the world. 6 months turned into a year and 9 far...but, she is here for a 2 weeks and we are going to spend as much time as we can loving on her, laughing with her, and squeezing her!
I have always been somewhat envious of those people who just pick up and leave for grand traveling expeditions. Part of me wishes the husband and I would open a credit card and take off without a worry, but the other part of me really has no desire to leave. I am a creature of habit - to a fault. Listing the top five cities I would like to visit includes 3 cities I have already been to, the college I graduated from is about 25 minutes from the house I grew up in, and my workplace is the same office I spent visiting as a child. Weird, I know. There is just something inside me that requires the comfort of familiarity.

However, I wouldn't necessarily mind going to live in this place for a month or two.

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