Friday, July 30, 2010

samples, samples, samples

in our business we create samples, many, many samples. (by we i mean the talented and experienced painters, namely my father and grandfather, that work for our company, not me.) after many years of accumulation it was decided that hanging these samples on the walls would be the best way to preserve and display them. They began covering the walls in one small room, and over the years have covered more walls, even creating free standing walls and additional rooms to accommodate the masses. last weekend i began the task of labeling each of the samples along with their corresponding wall space. in my head this task was going to be quick and easy, however in reality it is long and tedious. that being said i have to admit that i have thoroughly enjoyed this little project. i am only about 1/8th of the way finished (so my tune may change over time), but taking a minute to look at each of these 'pieces of art' has been so interesting. a select few have been written on indicating the year and job they were created for, and with a little help from my dad and grandfather i can get a great narrative to boot.

it truly amazes me what these men can do with a paintbrush...for example:

they can make standard oak look like knotted pine

or sheets of marble

they make headboards look as if they were made with bamboo

and ceilings look as if they were covered with glass


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