Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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Towards the end of a recent and intense spin class my instructor yelled out, "Smile, you all have limbs that work". So while my legs ached and sweat poured off of me, I smiled. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this request since class. Spin is one of the 5 classes at our gym that I attend weekly, and one of the 5 classes I continually fight myself to show up to, let alone get through. But, upon an instructor's request I began thinking of how much I take for granted. I do have legs and arms that work. I should use them as often as I can, and be appreciative of their abilities. There are endless extensions of this thought process, much of which continues to stream through my mind. I have a voice, I have shoes on my feet, I have freedom, I have a home and food to eat. I assume, or at least hope, that all of us are guilty of taking these such things for granted. Maybe we should all try to take some time to remind each other of how fortunate we are.

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