Friday, August 6, 2010

always on my mind

i sure wish real money was as easy to come by as monopoly money. i have so many ideas for my house and so few dollars to spend on them. i have a small notebook in my purse where i write down ideas as they come to me. the only problem with this little idea book is the fact that there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. i have notes about the house, work, gifts, food, you name it, all stuffed onto a few pages in a small notebook. SO, i have decided to prioritize.
lets talk house:
the first area in need of improvement is my dining room. we spend very little time in this room, but its bare walls are always on my mind. although we do have some great pieces; my parents passed down chandelier and buffet, a new and large table, and a painting passed to us via my grandparents, much of the space (wall space in particular) is bare. So here are some ideas i have for whenever my "home improvement savings account" somehow acquires moolah.
I have thought of mirror backing old shutters to hang on the wall

picture via

or displaying beautiful plates/china on the walls

design by and painting by

or finding large sconces of some sort.

picture via

other rooms on my "top priority list"

master bath -looking for a large piece of framed photography that takes my breath away.

patio - longing to add a cover of lattice and vines and hanging lanterns, like this:
SchappacherWhite Ltd. patio

we should start playing the lottery, to increase our chances of becoming rich...
because i haven't even let myself begin to think of ideas for our upstairs...


  1. Hi Chelsey, I am not sure if you will remember me but my grandparents, Marvin and Faye Chenault, used to live in the house next door to your parents. My sister told me she found you on facebook and that you had a blog, I also have one, Life as a Coaches Wife. It is so hard to believe that you are all grown up! (Just because that means I have to remember how old I am, ha!) Some of my sister and my fondest memoires of Creel Creek are playing with you and your sister. Any way, good luck with blogging, it is alot of fun, I have “met” some really special people through it!!
    And with winning the Lottery!
    Channa Chenault-Norman

  2. Hey spels!! love your blog, love the posts!!!

    dekel and i play the lottery here in Israel because I hate working. ha! let's keep our fingers crossed for each other to win =)

    Love you!!!!