Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dancing in the streets

blog challenge: day 11 - write a bucket list of things you want to do before you die
in all honesty i have never seriously thought about my "bucket list". once i read the day 11 challenge, however, my list quickly appeared:
road trip along california's pacific coast highway. it seems the older i get the more drawn to california i become. i always shrugged off the idea of traveling to the west coast state because "it is too expensive", but let's be real new york city is no cheap vacation and i have managed to visit the big apple numerous times. my ideal california pch roadtrip would certainly include stops at big sur, the giant red woods, santa barbara, and san francisco to name a few.
become certified in vinyasa yoga. i'm not sure that i would ever teach, necessarily, but i would like to achieve a certification.
cycle (and complete) in the 100mile "hotter than hell". i will do it.
become a part of a non-profit organization i am passionate about. at the current time i am not clear on which specific organization (or area) i would want to support and actively participate with, but i know it is something that i want to become a part of my life.
learn how to successfully partner dance. i want to learn the classics/basics and be comfortable enough to get out on the floor with z, any time we please.
become a mother.
get another bachlor's degree. i received a bachlor degree in psychology, and although i chose that degree plan (eventually) because the required classes interested me, i would like to go back to school to achieve a degree in interior design. (i need to get started with this one)
-thats all the items that rolled off my fingertips...i'm sure if i took a bit more time i could come up with a few more...but this is a good start.

blog challenge: day 12 - write a poem to someone you love
my creativity has stage fright. ideas and thoughts have to mull around in my head for days before i ever create. that being said, i will share with you something i have previously written to someone i love:
there is no sight like a mexican wave breaking,
or a colorado showflake falling
there is no sight like new york city churning,
or the new jersey leaves turning
there is no noise louder than the mavs fans winning,
or the crazy aggie's chanting,
the is no sound softer than a peaceful arkansas morning,
or a quite lakehouse evening
there is no feeling better than waking up next to you,
or falling asleep in your arms
there is no comfort stronger than my hand in yours,
or your hand in mine
it doesn't matter where i am
or what i am doing
all that matters is that when i am with you
my life is amazing.

*i am no poet, that's for sure.* this was given to my boyfriend (now husband) framed alongside all of the little memorabilia i had kept from all the places we had traveled and sights we had seen together.

blog challenge: day 13 - your 5 favorite books
still alice - by: lisa cenova
the shack - by: wm. paul young
the secret life of bees - by: sue monk kidd
love the one you're with - by: emily griffin
eat, pray, love - by: elizabeth gilbert

blog challenge: day 14 - a picture of you and your family

*it is pretty sad that the last family picture was from my wedding, over two years ago....come on family, we need more pics!*


  1. chels, this is wonderful. thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry~

  2. oh my gosh, you need to come visit! i live in los angeles, i'm a therapist and my partner is an interior designer. we're big into dancing, and i used to teach swing dancing! we could also give you a list of our favorite Affordable places along the pacific coast highway, which we take often {and trust me, we do things on the Cheap!}. haha! i love your bucket list {with the exception of being a mother, which still completely freaks me out!}. and your poem is SO sweet!! in short, i'm very happy to meet you. :)

  3. I love the west coast!!! What a pretty road trip that would be!!!

    Thanks for your input on the great TV debate :) I appreciated it!!


  4. i'm on that trip right now! I'm in LA as we speak! you have to take the time to do the things you live! we love to travel and i feel like a part of me dies when i don't! if it's important to you make it happen girl!! it's so worth it! (you can totally do it on the cheap too! i'll be writing all about my trip when i get home!)

  5. (oh, i forgot to mention the last family pic i have too is from our wedding; 1 1/2 years ago!! funny how it's just those bigger events that usually get the honor of getting a family photo done)