Thursday, September 30, 2010


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i love lists. well, to be honest i'm not sure if i love them exactly, it is more so that i find them utterly necessary in my life. at the end of each work day re-write my day's list eliminating the items i have accomplished/checked off and adding ones that need to be accomplished the next day. the only problem with my little system is that my list never ends. there has never been a time where i have looked at my little note pad and seen all my items checked off. it is almost as if when i see myself getting close to accomplishing the 'complete check off' i search for more to-do's to write down. yes, i may have a problem.
on the personal life side of things i make many little lists. my house is scattered with them. i am sad to admit that there have been many a friday nights where i have said something along the lines of "okay babe, what all do we want to get done this weekend?", while holding a pen and paper in my hands, as if we would do absolutely nothing if i didn't write out a 'plan' first... again, i may have a problem.
none the less, it is what i do.
i just recently made a little list of things i want to get done in the near future (to be honest the heading is 'october')here it is:
*update all framed pictures in the house
*change my workout schedule to primarily before work instead of after
*host a girls dinner party
*find new side tables for either side of our bed
*finally start organizing wedding mementos into a book (it's only been 2 years)
*find and finish a good new book (sadly i haven't been reading lately)
*create a good halloween costume (instead of throwing something together at the last minute)
*add decor to the guest room
*go kayaking at the lake
*ride outside in the fall weather!
*cook a roast
*dig up our wilted garden

does anyone else rely on lists like me?
i sure hope so.


  1. 1- yes, i write lists. we share dna, remember?
    2- i like lists best when they have a little spot reserved for a check mark before the task.
    3- i can help in the pot roast department.
    4-my old blog is on your blog list ;)

    your sister

  2. it sounds like i am your list making twin. i write so many lists. i have them everywhere. sometimes i write something i've already done just so i can cross something off.
    i like reading lists too... it's more fun.

    and, i just remembered the listography book you and zach gave me as a gift! =)

  3. i love lists! marli, i laughed so hard at the fact that sometimes you write things down that you have already done just so you can cross them off, that's too cute.

    chels- you do not have a problem! you are not alone in the list loving dept.

    wish i could be there when you throw that girls dinner... :(

    love and kisses!