Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tid bits

i thought tonight i would share a few tid bits of the goings around here lately.

*i participated in a outdoor yoga class (cleverly called: "downdog & drinks") which helped raise money for two beautiful and brave women who are walking in the susan g. komen 3-day for the cure.

*i saw (what i think) was my 12th dave matthews band show. crazy. and it was still as good as it was the very first time.

*my sweet husband surprised me with a new yoga mat, i then convinced myself that having a pretty new mat justified purchasing myself a pretty new yoga outfit...oopps.

*i also tried out another new studio which i am very fond of, and supported a yogi who just became certified by attending her awesome class.

*i rearranged and reorganized my sparsely visited upstairs.

*i laughed lots with the husband, sister, brother-in-law, parents, and friends.

*i have decided that our dining room is in need of a fresh coat (or two) of paint in a fresh new color.

*i replaced the American flag that hangs outside our house with a proud Texas flag for a change of scenery.

*i watched my beloved cowboys play an awful game, then got mad.

*i ordered 2 amazing furniture books i have been eyeing for the business

*i listened to lots of welcomed rain fall


  1. i love these kinds of posts! nice one chels. when are you going back to karmany? i wanna join.

  2. I love making justifications for things like new clothes as well :) hehe

  3. thanks for your support at d & d chels (and thanks for the shoutout)!!!