Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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i heart yoga. it seems as though i am certainly not the only one who appreciates this practice, as yoga has becoming ever so popular these days, and i am by far no expert on the teaching nor practices, however, i am a participant who thouroughly enjoys the challenge and movement yoga provides my body. i have been attending classes regularly for a year or more now. the class i most often attend is lead by a teacher i have grown particularly fond of and comfortable with. recently she left to travel and study in india for a few months which has led to numerous other teachers leading her class. although i miss the familiarity of her teachings these past few weeks have definately broadened my yoga horizons, if you will. last night one of my favorite people took me to visit one of her favorite studios for the first time. this was the second 'new' studio she has introduced me to and i certainly hope it was not the last. it amazes me how each new class challanges me in such different ways. we left last night wondering why everyone doesn't practice yoga. it is such a calming and cleansing exercise.
needless to say these past few weeks have affirmed that i want to continue to try new places, new classes, new positions and new practices. the strength and solidity my whole body feels after a yoga class is unmatched, and while i am very comfortable with my current physical routine, i hope to continue to branch out and challenge myself.
ill keep you posted...


  1. thrilled that you liked it. i will think up some more options for us to sample! i love you!!

  2. wish i could join you guys! you both are so inspiring to me. i love you so much!!!