Saturday, May 4, 2013


someone recently asked me what the best part of being a mom was.

a great and impossible question.

my immediate answer was simple and in no way efficiently explained the best part of being a mom.

i have been thinking of that question since.

becoming a mother completely changed my life. as i'm sure all other mothers can attest once your child is born everything changes. for me it wasn't a dramatic, immediate burst that i had always assumed it would be, it was simply an instantaneous and subtle shift into a new existence. everything was just different. my thoughts, my concerns, my actions, my feelings, my everything.
her dependence on me consumes all that i am, and i love it. being her mother is now what defines me. it is who i am, what i do, and it is the most difficult and wonderful existence.

so, to answer the impossible question, the best part of being a mom is having her in my life. she makes everything infinitely better


  1. love this :) Addy Bear makes everyone's life better! as do you!!

  2. love this post and love that i can see molly smiling in the background. such a cute pic!