Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i'm not a "soaker"...

i don't care for baths. i'm more of a shower girl. i have no patience when it comes to taking a bath. to be honest i can't remember the last time i soaked in a tub. i hear people talk about relaxing in bubbles with a good book and glass of wine, and i am intrigued and envious. the thought seems so appealing in my head but the actual action seems so uneasy to me. i'm odd, i know.
while browsing through etsy the other day i came across this item which again made me wish i was a bath tub "soaker".

images and item via
*and the fact that this etsy seller (pegandawl) creates their products with reclaimed wood makes it even more appealing.


  1. ooo, it's beautiful! i'm just like you, i never take baths. it just seems like way too much work before you can get to the relaxing part. and then you still have to take a shower afterward anyway {or at least i feel like i have to}. i'm so lazy! :) but this little bath table is definitely appealing.

  2. Wow, that is a really cool idea! I know what you mean though, I just don't understand the appeal of baths. I always feel so uncomfortable. I would much rather be lying in bed with a good book!