Wednesday, March 30, 2011

she grows big babies.

evidently my sweet sister grows big babies. although she is six weeks from delivery a recent doctor's appointment revealed that she is definitely measuring ahead of schedule. her first born was 9.8 lbs at delivery, and if he is any indication of the kind of offspring the bonner's produce, this new baby will not only be big, but cute, and funny, and super smart as well. she has joked throughout this pregnancy that 'crosby' (baby -in- womb) craves pancakes. during the first half of her pregnancy she ate lots of them, so when cort's best friend, marcy and I started talking about hosting a baby shower for her we decided that a brunch of pancakes and fixin's would be just perfect. the menu included fruit salad, muffins, bacon, petit fours, and of course pancakes with all the fixin's (choc. chips, blueberries, whipped cream, strawberries, and syrup).

cort's closet friends showed and gifted her with lots of diapers and a few fun 'mom' treats! i hope she enjoyed it! ~you certainly can't tell by looking at her that she grows big babies...isn't she pretty!?!~


  1. what a fantastic shower! i love you for making me pancakes (and for lots and lots of other things, too).

  2. What a great baby shower! I love the pancake idea :)I'm so glad to see that you're feeling a bit happier. I hope that your weekend is magical! xoxo

  3. ahhhh! love the baby shower theme!!!!! and that's too funny that court 'grows big babies' =) congrats aunt chelsey!!