Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dear Universe

Yesterday I asked for a favor, from the Universe.  
I opened myself up to the World, I let go, and I asked to be shown what is in my highest interest.  I relinquished my control, and asked for a sign.  My bargain was that I would be open, I would be willing, and that I would pay attention.
Later in the day I received an email from Creative Oasis.  These weekly emails are always read and often pushed aside.  This particular email explained a Creative Color Walk.  Images in an assortment of reds filled the page along with the description of her Color walk.  She chose red and walked about, paying attention, and photographing all things of her color.
|Paying attention.|

The Universe provided me something that I was meant to see, and today I was willing to see it.  

Here is my Color Walk in images.  I chose white.

And, as it turns out white contains all wavelengths of visible light, encompasses all color, symbolizes beginnings and renewal, purity and innocence.  I chose white not because of those things, white chose me because of them.

I've been on what I am going to lovingly refer to as a Search for my Creative Soul; for my Self, for a while now.  Once I was ready to take physical steps 'into' this journey (last year) I took my first creative class led by the Creative Oasis, where I learned that there is always time that can be borrowed, and that self care is necessary, not shameful. I am currently taking a course on The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron called Creating with Heart which is teaching and inspiring me to open myself up,to do the work, and to be brave. I am also half way through a 12 week Enneagram Journey class which is helping me become a more healthy Helper.  All that to say that doing the work, trusting the process, and opening myself up to the Universe is what has provided me creative ideas and has led me back to writing; something that I love and have missed so.

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