Monday, October 18, 2010

eat, drink, and be merry

so this weekend the girls came over to my house for the first of what i hope becomes a monthly potluck dinner. it was so very nice to eat, drink, talk and laugh with the girls. (no offense z.). we all have such busy schedules these days. the teachers are hard at work molding young minds, others are pulling off two jobs, some are busy being newly weds while others are planning weddings. i guess that is why it is so very nice (and necessary, if you ask me) to make the time to get together and enjoy each others company.
*i absolutely could not ask for a better group of girls to call my own.*

-i love you ladies!


  1. yay! which saturday is it going to be next in november? i am already looking forward to it. thanks for having us chels. i forget how much i need girl talk =)

  2. aw, i miss girl talk. chels- wish we could have discussed everything over wine =)

    i miss you girls. you all are the best friends anyone could ask for!!!!