Monday, October 25, 2010

taken for granted

the husband and i spend a lot of time together. we live together (obviously), we work together, and we spend most of our free time together. it has only been about a year since we have added the 'work together' part, but it never seemed to affect us one way or the other. spending all our time together feels natural, as if we shouldn't have it any other way. however, i am currently realizing that because we spend all our time together when we are apart i miss him lots. he is away for a night and two days for work and it just seems weird without him. i have realized that i may take some of the little things for granted.

today i missed:
finding sticky notes on my keyboard
his welcome kiss when i arrived at work
walking in the back of the shop and checking him out in his painter's overalls
coming home to him lounged on the love seat
his "hey momma" greeting
him playing with the dogs
him throwing dirk's (our dog's) stick - a chore i hate doing
tonight i will miss:
eating dinner with him
him wanting to go get tcby
taking the dogs outside together and enjoying the cool evening
him playing with my hair
his arm around me as we sleep

he may only be gone two days, but it sure does make me realize how much i love all the things we share together.
hurry home babe.

obviously i am not the only one who misses him.


  1. cute post, it's nice to realize how much you miss someone, knowing they will be back soon :)

    I love you two!!