Friday, November 5, 2010

highs and lows

when i was young my family would sit around the dinner table to eat each night. most of the time we randomly talked about the various events that happened that day, but on some nights my mom would start a 'conversation game' called highs and lows. she adopted this game from our church youth group and it simply entailed taking turns telling each other the high points of your day along with the low points.

so i decided to share, with you, my highs and lows of the week. enjoy.


-dressing up like this for the annual mandell halloween party:

(kat von d & jesse james)

seeing my friends dressed up like this:

attending a friend's beautiful wedding

"i love going to weddings, it reminds me to love my husband" - molly

seeing this little elephant (my nephew) on halloween:

-eating a yummy dinner at my mom & dads with my great aunt who just moved back from colorado.

-catching up at work and having my grandma come in and help organize

-the start of true wedding festivity planning for one of my besties

-having the sun return to help me handle the cold weather a bit better

LOWS (by the way, 'lows' don't deserve pictures):)

-getting sick, coughing, sneezing, running fever, etc

-leaving my ugg boots in the bathroom floor where bella (our dog) found them and removed part of their amazing lining.

-the cold rainy weather. this week was the first true 'fall weather' week we have had around here and the beginning of it was accompanied by nearly 48 hours of solid rain. yuck.

-missing my normal workout routine b/c of the sickness.

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  1. That's a really cute game :) Sucks that you got sick, but looks like there were lots of 'highs' to make up for it :)