Monday, November 15, 2010

home sweet home

making a house a home.
sometimes i catch myself feeling so proud of my home. don't get me wrong, most of my minds thoughts revolve around what else we "need" to do to our house, but every once in a while when the house is fresh and clean i stop and realize how much of a home it is. i had one of these moments a few weeks ago as zach built our first fire of the year and we cuddled up on the couch. i just felt so at ease and comfortable in our home.
my parents have what i consider the best 'home-y' feeling home, if that makes any sense (and yes i realize i may be a bit partial). people have always felt welcomed and relaxed in their house. growing up most of my friends spent as much, if not more, time at my parents house than at their own. i hope to one day have a home as comfortable and inviting as theirs.
here are a few pictures of living spaces that seem to me to exude a wonderfully 'home-y' feel
this living room, with its tall arched windows is awfully inviting

paintwork by barry a. martin painting, design by cathy kincaid interiors

i would love to host dinner parties in a kitchen like this one

paintwork by barry a. martin painting, design by cathy kincaid interiors

this soothing bathroom invites a good book, bubbles and a glass of wine

paintwork by barry a. martin painting, design by cathy kincaid interiors

what do you think makes a house a home?


  1. oh i can't wait till i have my own home sometimes soon.

    for me there's nothing i love coming home to more than a clean apt. then i light up a candle, climb into bed and surrounded by books, pictures and a few memorable knick-knacks, life couldn't be better.

  2. I hate when people have such "clean looking" houses. If that makes any sense? Haha. I love the feeling of a homey-home! :D I LOVE that bathroom! and the kitchen as well. :)

  3. Chels! I love yall's home and it feels very home-y, as does your parents'. I can't stop loving the photo with the arched windows- i love the natural light!!

    Love to you & Zach.


  4. i think fires are the homiest things ever. they really make you feel cozy and peaceful.

    i also think a comfy couch, decorations that you pick out, and lots of blankets make a house a home. and cheesily, lots of love :)

  5. Oh having my own home is the ultimate dream for me but still a long way off. Having a fire place is perfection.

  6. wow.... i am soooo in the mood for a fire now! (we don't have a fireplace). yet! :)