Monday, December 6, 2010

pictures needed

so it has been a while, to say the least. i have been super busy at work and once i get home and go to the gym, all i feel like doing is lounging on the couch mindlessly watching tv. sad, i know.
lots has happened since i wrote last...thanksgiving, christmas shopping and decorating, fun times with family and friends....all of which have been undocumented due to me "misplacing" our NEW camera. uuuggghhh. i shouldn't be trusted with expensive things.
so without any fun pictures to post i will simply provide you with a link to one of my bestie's blogs where she has the cutest post on a hanukkah project. her little video makes me miss her more.



  1. It sounds fun!!! Shame there's no photos, but hey, that's what imagination is for :p

  2. i love you more than words can express. and i am responsible for the "misplacement" of at least 3 cameras, i feel ya in the sense that we should not be trusted with expensive things! :) all my love to you and zach this holiday. love you both!