Monday, December 20, 2010

greatest hits - trying to be like my sister

although i spent most of my childhood trying to be as 'cool' as my sister, i'm not quite sure i succeeded. however, we are definitely two independent people, both cool in our own right... :)
today i am stealing one of her weekly blog post ideas and creating my own "greatest hits" - sorry cort. if you haven't checked her blog out lately you certainly should!

so, although i have again been under the weather this week, lots of fun and festive things have taken place! here is the documentation of a few of them:

1) zach and i traveled 30 minutes west to the great city of ft.worth last weekend for a little get-a-way. we saw a country concert, ate yummy bbq, visited the zoo, and caught up on much needed sleep.

2) as tradition would have it, the wednesday before my dad's birthday, the family visits a local dive bar to eat burgers, drink beer, and listen to "red" sing old waylon and willie songs

3) as for christmas traditions, the women of my family have been getting together for the past, i don't know...10+ years, for brunch at the festive neiman marcus store downtown. it is something we all look forward to every year.

4) for the past few years, my lovely friend elizabeth has hosted a christmas cookie decorating evening for all us girls. this year we combined it with our potluck dinner and white elephant gift exchange. it was wonderful.

5) and finally, zach and i were able to keep the tradition alive, courtesy of texas paint, by attending a yearly cowboy's game!

i just love holidays, and the traditions they bring. i hope everyone else is enjoying this christmas time of year!


  1. i hate to break this to you, but you are definitely cooler than me.
    great greatest hits, sister! keep it up!
    love you~

  2. great post, Chels! love the pic of dan & mar at the pot luck dinner. and cammie is so cute!! miss you xoxo