Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lets catch up

well, it has been a while since i have engulfed myself in the blog world, and boy have i missed it. i was quite overwhelmed for a while there, as any of you who read this little story of mine know, and although things haven't necessarily calmed down, i do feel like i've gotten my groove back (if you will). i have regained some positivity at work, i have found my stamina, and the consistency of my physical activity has returned.
for that, i feel good.
i think the best way to catch up with you all is to give you a little picture story of the important going-ons i have failed to post recently.
a while back i shared my 27th birthday celebration with my beautiful friend marli. we are birthday twins. well, not exactly twins, she is younger and her birthday actually falls a day after mine, but for the past 5 years consecutively we have celebrated our special day together. for that, i am grateful.

this is us showing off our sweet presents

i officially became an aunt all over again. my sweet sister had her second sweet baby boy. i have gotten the chance to spend time holding this precious little guy, listening to his baby coo's, and smelling is wonderful baby scent. for that, i am lucky.

and, i can't forget to mention that my beloved mavericks have advanced themselves along in the nba playoffs. we have had lots of fun watching them make their way to the western conference finals, with the the sweetest victory being a sweep of the ever dominant and overly confident la lakers. for that, i am happy.
we've also had a few watching parties

and celebratory after parties

now i'm off to catch up on all your lovely blog posts, and i hope to find you doing well.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better :) From your photos it looks like so many wonderful things have happened! Congrats to your sister, and happy belated birthday :)