Thursday, May 26, 2011

stealing from two of my favorites!

A) age: 27

B) bed size: king

C) chore you hate: folding laundry

D) dogs: yep, two; dirk & bella

E) essential start to your day: a cup or two of coffee

F) favorite color: i instinctively say green, which is true i suppose, but i sure do love all the wonderful shades of blue

G) gold or silver: i wear more silver, but love gold and wish i had an equal supply of both

H) height: 5'2

I) instruments you play: some would say i play a mean fiddle (or at least i did when i was 8)

J) job title: office manager

K) kids: yes, please

L) live: dallas, texas

M) mom's name: terri

N) nicknames: chels, choo

O) overnight hospital stays: luckily i've only had day surgeries

P) pet peeve: mouth noises!

Q) quote from a movie: "nobody puts baby in the corner" -dirty dancing. you know you love it too!

R) righty or lefty: lefty

S) siblings: one pretty sister

T) time you wake up: weekdays; 5:47 am, weekdays with morning workouts; 5:07, weekends; variable

U) underwear: a must

V) vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts

W) what makes you run late: deciding what to wear

X) x-rays you've had: arm, ankle, knee, teeth

Y) yummy food you make: i can make a pretty good turkey meatloaf

Z) zoo animal favorite: monkeys

*questionnaire stolen from two of my besties, check them out here and here*

what are your a-z's?


  1. 5'2? I am jealous, I have always wanted to be short or tall!! I'm just average.
    And I'm a lefty too :) Your pet peeve made me laugh :p And I have NO idea how you can get up so early!!!

  2. i love these things. i wish i could somehow post my impression of how your badass fiddle playing sounds! haha! love you~

  3. yeah you get up real early! haha, i am gonna steal this from you!! so cute! Thanks!