Monday, July 11, 2011

my weekend picture book

here is the story of my weekend, in pictures.
we stayed in on friday. the husband had to work all weekend. staying in meant we were able to enjoy a dinner of the freshest of vegetables straight from our garden.
these huge zucchinis were hiding beneath their large leaves, and were thoroughly enjoyed once found.

we also found that our watermelon vine is currently growing the cutest little melon!

i woke up bright and early saturday to get in an a.m. yoga class and followed it up by walking over to our neighborhood market. it was there that i found, and purchased, the most wonderfully scented lavender lotion.

my sister took her oldest on a date to the movies and left me and this precious guy to our own. we cuddled, talked, watched a world cup game and had a photo shoot.

oh, and "he" found the cutest outfit to wear.

we went to dinner with one of my besties at her & her husband's pizza joint where it just so happens that another of my besties works.

as usual we found ourselves enjoying the best bbq chicken pizza in town!

in these parts we are pretty excited about a neighborhood beer garden that is soon to open. on sunday we enjoyed an open-house at 'goodfriends beer garden' where we found free beer and neighborhood friends.

needless to say it was quite an enjoyable summer weekend!

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