Friday, July 8, 2011


exciting news:

D Home Magazine chose to spotlight my father and our company in their latest issue!
over the past month D Magazine has contacted us, asking my dad numerous intriguing questions and explaining their concept for a photo shoot.
my dad spoke expertly of his years of working, and proudly of his family for carrying on the business. i was again reminded of how important my job is and of the passion i have for it. we have seen plenty ups and downs over the years, but continuing and succeeding in carrying on a family's vision and upholding such standards is truly something to be proud of.

D Magazine challenged my father to paint a shirt to match a wall finish.

here is the before:

and after:

D Home: Martin Brothers Painting was the Rolls-Royce of painting companies in Dallas for a long time. When did it start?
Barry Martin: My father J.C. and his brother Lester started the company in 1949. I became a partner and purchased Barry A. Martin Painting Contractors in 1996.
D Home: Is Barry A. Martin Painting still a family affair?
Barry Martin: More than ever. My mother and father still come to the office every day, and both my daughters and son-in-laws are involved in the business. It's all hands on deck!

so proud!


  1. You should be proud! Your father is one of the best painters I have ever had the privilege to work with!
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  2. Awesome! Congrats Martin Family, so cool

  3. hey, that's awesome! congratulations!!

  4. This post makes me smile:)