Tuesday, February 28, 2012

count down

time seems to be passing so slowly these days...

last night i read my weekly chapter of each pregnancy book i own, disappointed that the title was week 28. i read through 'week 32', which probably wasn't the best idea, but i am longing to be at that point. i am ready for the realization that i only have a few weeks left. hell, i'd be happy knowing i only had a month left.

(in case you haven't noticed, i am NOT the most patient person, and pregnancy certainly has brought this character flaw to the forefront.)

now, don't get me wrong, i hope and pray that addelyn 'cooks' in my belly for the full 40 weeks, developing and growing as she should, but i do wish the days would pass by a bit faster.

to ease my impatience i have decided to make a count down to all the little and exciting things that are going to be occurring between now and addy's arrival.

here it is:

2 days: 28 week sonogram

25 days: my birthday

26 days: 'prepared child birth class'

32 days: 32 weeks/8 months complete

33 days: weekend of baby showers :)

42 days: 'baby care & cpr classes'

60 days: 36 weeks / 9 months complete

76 days: mother's day (i get to celebrate this year right?)

88 days: 40 weeks / 10 months complete!

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  1. I feel you on things going so slowly...I only have 6 days or less...hoping less especially since I was having contractions all morning long...but nothing regular enough...keeping my fingers crossed that something happens soon. But before you know it, your sweet girl will be in your arms after the next days fly by with everything you have in between...enjoy the time you have now in preparing and getting things ready. Good luck with everything and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly (and quickly!)