Tuesday, January 24, 2012

bouncing baby girl

now that i feel little addelyn moving in my belly, i like to try and imagine what she is doing, what body part of hers is colliding with mine. it seems that seconds after i feel a flutter below my ribs i feel another down between my hip bones. she is too small to feel a definite kick of the foot or push of the head, so i'm imagining her bouncing top to bottom, side to side, flipping and twirling herself along the way, and i can't help but smile. i sure hope she is having fun in there.

**this little face also makes me smile.**

(my nephew)
i heard that he started officially crawling this weekend.
i need to hurry over to see him before he gets too fast for this pregnant lady...

1 comment:

  1. *love* the flutters...they will become crazy punching bags swings before too long! But every kick/jab/punch makes me smile too, knowing my baby girl is in there and moving around constantly gives me peace of mind :)

    Adorable nephew!! Love those cheeks!!