Monday, September 30, 2013

Lunch date for one

I had a great lunch today, which may not seem exciting to some, but I was pretty impressed. I tried a little place that I've been eyeing for years, literally. For some reason there seems to be a negative stigma placed on eating alone. Although logically I have never agreed with it I've been guilty of assuming that eating alone meant you were lonely, or rather that other people would see you as such. What a silly notion, really. 
I have held myself back from doing so many things that I want, or have wanted, to do simply because someone else didn't share the same desire, or doing it alone seemed to intimidating. Again, what a silly notion. 
A week or so ago I decided to start a list of things I want, and have wanted, to do so as to create a constant reminder that those are the things I should be making time for. Trying Kosta's Greek Cafe was on the list. 
Because a doctors appointment cut my work day extremely short today I had ample time to sit down and have lunch. I stifled all my hesitations and joined a cafe full of suites and couples for an amazing lunch. I went all out and Kosta's cafe did not disappoint.
Dolmas to start.
Followed by a Gyro sandwich with Greek potatoes. 

-checked it off my list!


  1. this is my third attempt at a comment...
    soooo, i am so proud of you and happy for you. it feels so good to check things off the list, especially when it is something character building. i love you, sister. soooo much.

  2. go you! is this the place on greenville?