Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Sometimes I wish someone else would unload the groceries. Sometimes I wish I was fixing dinner for another adult, or eating dinner with another adult. Sometimes I wish I could take a shower without a monitor or toddler in tow. Sometimes I wish I could take turns on bath or diaper duty, or pouring milk duty, or entertaining duty, or tucking her in, reading her stories, folding the laundry, washing the dishes, taking out the trash or changing the cat litter, feeding the animals, sweeping the floors, or any other of the many duties that must be done each day.
Sometimes I wish these things. 
Not all the time.  
In fact, these wishes cross my mind rarely, but there are those days that I feel overwhelmed and overly tired. 
Today is one of those days. 
However, tomorrow is a new day, and regardless of how tired or overwhelmed I am, seeing this sweet face everyday makes it all worth while.


  1. sister, use me. give yourself a minute or sixty. you are the best momma (and aunt and sister...) love you!

  2. I love you! Addys life is going to be nothing short of amazing bc she has such a selfless loving mama!