Monday, April 6, 2015

Dear Diceman

Dear Diceman,
There are many things, and many someones that "saved" me during my "darkest hour."  Least of which is you.
Diceman house, if you only knew.
The walls you provided for me gave me more than a home.  You, my friend, were my safe place. Within your walls I learned to be a mother.  I learned to be a mother on my own. Within your walls I experienced loneliness like I've never imagined.  Yet, those same walls provided me peace, and joy and independence I never thought was possible.
I can remember those first nights we had together.
Those nights I will never forget.
I would venture, as far as my baby monitor would allow, and sit myself  in the middle of your yard, searching for my independence, watching stars, finding my place. I was trying to gain some sense of clarity within my chaos. Then after hours out there alone, I would collapse within your walls, and slide myself under the covers in her room, not mine.
But, those sessions grew shorter, my room became my haven, and I found myself busy creating a home.
Addy and I grew up. By trial and error we learned.  The greatest and worst of times were captured within you.  But, I will choose to remember the good; the good I learned from the greatest and the worst of times, within your walls.
Dear Diceman, I thank you.

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