Friday, January 28, 2011

30 days of blogging

so, i am a follower of eva @ lovers in a dangerous time. she presented a challenge where in one topic/question is provided each day to be answered by whom ever chooses to join the challenge. you can also go to her blog and find the list of everyone who has joined, then go check out their answers. sounds like fun! personally, i am hoping this little challenge inspires me to post more often, so here we go.
cheers, and i hope you enjoy.

day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

me and the husband - new year's eve

1. i am left handed, which makes me smarter. :) being left handed is not that interesting i suppose, however it does make it significantly harder to use scissors.
2. i thoroughly enjoy the taste of beer. (miller lite, to be exact). don't worry i don't have a drinking problem, but i sure do love the taste of an ice cold miller lite.
3. i am a huge sports fan. i could happily spend any day watching football, basketball, soccer...even golf.
4. i work for my family's business, which in my case means i am with my father, grandfather, husband, brother-in-law, and both grandmothers each work day.
5. i have two cats and two dogs, and i would gladly have more if i only had the means and the space.
6. i dated my husband's best friend in high school. yes, my husband's best friend in high school was one of my high school "loves". hubby says i wouldn't give him the time of day, i say i was saving the best for last.
7. i have a wonderful group of girlfriends. we spend our weekends together and have more fun than most (if i do say so myself).
8. i still think of myself as being 22-ish. i find it hard to believe that i am old enough(almost 27)to be doing all these grown up things, i.e. owning a house, paying lots of bills, going to bed by 10...etc...
9. i am a slow reader. i love reading, but i am slow.
10. i was convinced i wanted to be an architect, then a coach, then a nurse. i ended up with a degree in psychology, and running an office.
11. i never strayed to far from home. although i moved out of my parents house at 18 the apartments i lived in and the colleges i attended were all less that 40 miles from where i grew up.
12. i have been married two and a half years, which have also been the best two and a half years of my life, seriously.
13. i have a "salt-tooth" instead of a sweet-tooth. i crave salty popcorn instead of midnight ice creams treats.
14. in my teens, i broke my wrist, my ankle twice, and my femur twice. i was an athlete (with weak bones apparently)
15. i am pretty sure i could live off of fruit alone, i love it so. well, in all honesty i would probably have to have some pizza now and then.


  1. hurraaay, so glad you're doing this with me!

    #2 - i WISH i like the taste of beer. my husband loves it.

    #14 - um...ouch!

  2. yay, chels! this is so cute! i cant wait to see the rest of the challenge..