Saturday, January 8, 2011

pretty patterns

i have never been able to easily combine patterns; patterns in decor, furniture, clothing, anything really. i am timid when it comes to prints. i think i over think their colors and arrangements. for example, deciding on a simple area rug for our neutral living room was an unwarranted stressful and tiresome experience. my inability to easily be bold is quite frustrating really, and because of my personal difficulties in this department i find myself constantly awing over other's ability to combine pattern so beautifully. here is one example;

photo credit elle decor courtesy of a life's design
i have been thinking about this room for days....i need those chairs!


  1. That is such a cool room! I am the same, I am always scared of mixing prints. Also congrats on the partnership!

  2. I love patterned textures but am the same as you a little unsure how to style it. I think it is a learn as you go process.