Friday, January 21, 2011


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let me preface this post by coming out and stating that i am not a fan of the winter season.

granted, it's usually fun at first, when fall wraps up with chilly nights and brisk mornings but once the temperature highs drop below 40 for the day i am miserable. (not really miserable....but close) here are a few reasons why me and mr.coldweather don't get along:
1) i don't like jackets. i don't like having to put them on and take them off when going outdoors and back in, and when i do take them off for extended periods of time i usually forget where i put them down and walk off without them...ugh, such a pain.
2) i enjoy spending time outdoors, however when doing so requires, sweaters, hoodies and/or above mentioned jackets i do less of it, and that makes me feel trapped.
3) taking my dogs out becomes a dreaded task, and sitting outside long enough to play "stick" (fetch) is definitely out of the question.
4) regulating my car's temperature is much harder in the winter. you see, my heater works extremely well, which is a good thing until it gets too hot. i usually end up driving with my window partially down and my heat turned up. ridiculous.
5) it seems to be cloudy more often in the wintertime, and i. love. sunshine.

i really do not like cold weather.

this morning i was going over the above mentioned reasons in my head, cranky because it was 27 degrees outside...and then i came across a friend's status update on facebook and my perspective changed a bit.
here is what she said:
"Man, walking a dog has never been this painful before. -24 is brutal".
she lives in chicago, and apparently the windy city is 24 degrees BELOW zero...what?!!!? i could not imagine.
there i was negatively thinking about how bad today was going to be because the temperature wasn't going to get out of the low 40s and she was out walking her dog in -24degree weather.

i am such a BIG baby!
i need to remember that one of the perks of living in the great state of texas is not having to deal with 5 months of frozen-ness like our northern neighbors do. i should be grateful, and i am, really. i'm just also really looking forward to spring!


  1. ditto, ditto, ditto. gimme sunshine and flip-flops any day.

  2. i think for me it's pretty safe to say i hate winter